Features of Chromebook:

 Chromebook is like a laptop that is budget-friendly compared with other laptops. Chromebook was operating and run by Google OS and Chrome OS so that the Chromebook is safe to use. It is an ideal workforce that moves around a lot, Chromebook is a good and smart option to pick if we need to travel a lot because the weight of the Chromebook is lighter when it is compared with a laptop.

Features of Chromebook:

#. It requires only a low tolerance for developing a mechanical fault.

#. The need for Information technology (IT) for inserting software is less compared with other PCs and laptops.

#. If it requires only a small amount of physical space it is not a difficult task to carry.

#. It lowers our software cost.

#. The main thing to notice in Chromebooks is that they are less vulnerable to viruses.

#. We are able to work using less internet connection.

Pros of Chromebook:

#. Chromebooks are cheaper compared with other traditional computers.

#. The Chromebook contains Chrome OS that is fast to work and also stable.

#. It is designed in a light compact way so Chromebook is easy to carry.

#.It reduces the reliance 0f IT professionals.

#. Chromebook integrates with google workspace.

#. It's a good option to choose those who are browser-based apps.

Cons of Chromebook:

#. In Chromebook, there was not the availability of all the features some may not available.

#. These are not the best options for multimedia applications.

#. Requires advanced planning for working offline.

#. Its poor for gaming.

#. The software used in Chromebooks were dependent.


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How to Restart a Chromebook?

1. Shut down your Chromebook:

Its normal way to restart a Chromebook is to shut down. The work which has been done already in the Chromebook was saved already so there will not be any worry about it. After the shutdown of your Chromebook, we can restart using the power button. By using this we can restart Chromebook.

To restart Chromebook, tap its 'Shut Down' option. Tap the notification area (the one with WiFi, power and times) and then press the top Shut Down' icon.

This will save your current status, work, and turn off your Chromebook. This option completely powers down Chromebook so that you can manually start it using the power button.

You can shut down your Google account by clicking the "Shutdown" button. This logs you out completely before you turn off your computer.

2. Power Button:

If we press and hold the power button for three seconds then Chromebook will automatically logout from google accounts by saving your work only. We need not worry about our work done in Chromebook. After that we can restart the Chromebook by using the power button.

Holding down the power button on the Chromebook for 3 seconds will cause it to log out of Google. This will save your work and status and allow you to safely turn off the Chromebook.

You can then restart Chromebook by pressing the power button again.

However, there is another mode. The 'Power' menu will be displayed if you hold the power button down for a moment. These options include 'Shut Down', Log Off', Lock Your Chromebook, and 'Provide Feedback'.

3. Hard reset our Chromebook:

Press Ctrl and Shift Keys and Press Q key twice for hard reset Chromebook. But it will not save the files which we didn't save before those files will be deleted by performing this hard reset option. After that we can restart by using the default method to hold the refresh button and tap the power button, then our Chromebook will be started instantly.

Any unsaved work will be lost if you perform a hard reset. It is best to close all Chrome tabs before doing so.

To log out quickly, hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and press Q twice. Tap the notification area to select the "Sign out" button. So these were the 


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